ART Agency is an interior design studio, founded by Anastasia Oskina in 2008 and based in EU.

ART Agency has currently relocated to North Carolina, USA.

   Providing interior and furniture design services, and being teamed up with G Prime Properties ,  we are open for collaboration with real estate investors in NC, USA.

  ART Agency also offers investment properties in Philippines. More info.

   Anastasia Oskina is a FIDM Los Angeles alumna and practicing interior designer since 2005.

   Focusing on modern residential and commercial interiors, as well as various custom-made furniture design projects, Anastasia proved herself as a professional in the field.

   Her passion for furniture led her to IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Milan, where she studied furniture design, being instructed by the leaders of the industry, and after- 

working with Europe's hi-end furniture manufacturers for her projects.


Anastasia Oskina

Interior Designer


Bryan Guilloty

Real Estate Agent