This modern penthouse apartment is located in Jurmala, Latvia. 

Magnificent sea views from the top terrace make this home a place to be. Completely remodelled in shortest terms, faturing custom made everything: from the built-ins, case goods, beds, sofas, exotic marble tops, mirrors, floor-to-ceiling GAROFOLI doors, and of course, the star of the show- VARENNA kitchen, model Alea Trail, with DEKTON Kelia countertop.


This modern single family house was designed inside and out for a young couple of ambitious, creative and successful entrepreneurs. The interior reflects their passion for travel and is a perfect canvas for meaningful items brought from around the World. 

The sofa is the most comfortable piece and is the focal point of the house, that brings friends and family together.


This loft in downtown Riga is a perfect place for a family with two children.

Two levels allow privacy to each and every one. Spacious living room is a place for the whole family to congregate. The attic is transformed into a private suite for the older daughter. Custom designed furniture makes this home absolutely unique. 



This unique property has a breathtaking view of the old town of Riga. The owners are a dynamic family of four, always on the go. The interior can be described as "splashes of color on a white canvas". DEsigned in 2008, it is still actual.


This is a second time we got to work in this space. Used to be an apartment for a family of three, this home grew with the birth of the fourth member. The duplex was born by combining two apartments that were on top of each other. The former kitchen area became the staircase, and the former living room became a boy’s room with a private hidden bathroom.

Two large terraces with a park view, made this home perfect for the kids to play outside, as well as for the adults to entertain their guests.


This loft, located in a former factory building, was designed for a young couple. The biggest challenge was the limited ceiling height to fit the bedroom area above the bathroom, kitchen and walk-in closet. 13.2 feet windows are equipped with automated curtains. Epoxy floors and concrete walls give that authentic industrial feel to the loft.


This 2 bedroom modern apartment with floor to ceiling windows has been a challenging project. Given a carte blanche, we developed engineering solutions that made this home light, airy and absolutely unique. The choice of natural materials and the quality of craftsmanship is outstanding.


This apartment is located in the most exquisite location on Côte d'Azur. Being a bachelor's pad at first, it's transformed into a two-bedroom apartment, without losing that open space feel. The sliding glass dividers allow you to open up the space or completely enclose it for privacy. The spacious bathroom allows access from the hallway and the guest bedroom. The giant terrace, equipped with a wet bar and a Gaggenau grill, has plenty of space to host up to 40 people 



This 35 apartment complex in Riga, Latvia, offers a comfortable and well-considered layout, combining aesthetic and functional features by using advanced technologies and high-quality materials for construction and interior decoration of the apartments.

We developed interiors at the early stages of construction.